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About Us

Ekeko has been created by former Harley House Head Chef, Luciano Vanini, who will be curating his own take on a traditional Peruvian menu.

The menu will encompass dishes such as Lomo Saltado, Arroz Con Mariscos, Ceviches, Tiraditos as well as introducing a few special Amazonian dishes.

A Peruvian native, Luciano, is excited to put Peruvian cuisine at the top of Melbourne’s culinary industry, providing an authentic Peruvian experience in a very Melbourne fashion.

With a drinks menu encompassing Peruvian beers, along with a cocktail menu based on traditional Peruvian Pisco Sours, and more.

Ekeko, in Peruvian culture, is a sculpture carved in various materials and ranges from 10 to 20cm in height. It represents a god of abundance, prosperity and good luck, something that all diners are set to walk away with after their experience at Ekeko, The Soul of Peru.